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Sun Gear with Shaft Cover

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Precision Plastic Machining Sun Gear with Shaft Cover

Product Description

Precision Plastic Machining Sun Gear with Shaft Cover Assembly

Custom Plastic Assembly Parts

NPM has more than 25+ years experience in the injection molding of plastic components. Advice and quotes on anything from a simple sketch to a 3D model. Most drawing formats can be handled by our design department although we find STEP, IGES and DXF translate most successfully. Simply email your drawing/model and we will do the rest.

If without any drawing/model, our engineer also can quote an estimated price for our reference first by photos, dimensions and net weight of the plastic injection molding components you want to produce.

To help you in the early stages of your plastic molding design we have produced a Design Guide with general advice on designing products and components for plastic injection molding. 

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